Episode 16 – Siege of Dragonspear – 5

This is the sixteenth episode of Mages and Murderdads, a pod/vid cast where Danni and CMRN play through the Baldur’s Gate series and talk about the experience. In this episode, they delve down into the deep underground fantasy place to fight a dragon and rescue drow teens. There are also druids and myconids. It’s weird.

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Baldur’s Gate is a computer role-playing game (CRPG) from the late 1990s that is largely thought to be one of the greatest RPG games ever made. We really enjoy it and the series it started, so this is our attempt to play through the whole thing. It’s just a chill, fun time where we talk about alignment, Dungeons and Dragons, and a general plethora of stuff we care about in the Forgotten Realms. Siege of Dragonspear is the newest expansion to Baldur’s Gate developed by Beamdog. It is a fantasy adventure that has the player going to Dragonspear Castle to stop the Crusade of Caelar Argent. It’s complicated.