Shelved By Genre

Shelved By Genre is a show about types of literature and the worlds they imagine.

It’s hosted by Cameron Kunzelman, Michael Lutz, and Austin Walker.

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Book of the New Sun

The Shadow of the Torturer
Part 1 [Chapters I – VI]
Part 2 [Chapters VII – XVIII]
Part 3 [Chapters XIX – XXIX]
Part 4 [Chapters XXX – Appendix]

The Claw of the Conciliator
Part 1 [Chapters I – IX]
Part 2 [Chapters X – XIX]
Part 3 [Chapters XX – Appendixes]

The Sword of the Lictor
Part 1 [Chapters 1 – XII]
Part 2 [Chapters XIII – XXIV]
Part 3 [XXV – Appendix]

The Citadel of the Autarch
Part 1 [Chapters I – IX]
Part 2 [Chapters X – XXII]
Part 3 [Chapters XXIII – XXXIII]
Part 4 [Chapters XXXIV – Appendix]