Ranged Touch has made a lot of videos and video series over the years, but YouTube is actually really terrible about helping us show them to you on their platform. So here’s a curated list of some of our greatest videos that we put together for you.

Let’s Plays

XCOM: Enemy Within
Alan Wake
Final Fantasy VII
Beyond: Two Souls
Heavy Rain
Cities: Skylines Extremely Chill Time
Rollercoaster Tycoon Mega Chill Time
Until Dawn
Fugitive Hunter
The Sims 2
Grand Theft Auto III
A playlist of weird single sessions.

Interesting Single Videos

The Greatest Game Ever Made – McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure
Prepare To Give 2 – Morrowind Stream Part 1
Prepare To Give 2 – Morrowing Stream Part 2
Rollercoaster Tycoon Stream For COVID-19 Relief
Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Memories
Project Winter – The Game of Snow Betrayal
Magic 2020 Sealed Stream
Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference – THE NO POLITICS ZONE
Ranged Touch Magic Arena Tournament May 2019 – Finals Commentary
Magic Arena Stream – April 7 2019 – Ranked and Draft
Magic Arena Stream – CMRN and Danni Play Ravnica Allegiance
Slay The Spire – Card Game Dungeon Hell Crawler
Flip It and Rip It is the Best Value Game In History
Prepare To Give – Dark Souls Marathon Stream
God of War – Impressions – First 15 Minutes
CMRN and Danni Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Orcs Must Die: Unchained Is More Stressful Than PUBG
Electronic Arts E3 2017 Conference – Battlefront 2 Explained
CMRN and Danni Play Earth Defense Force 4.1 – Part 1
CMRN and Danni Play Earth Defense Force 4.1 – Part 2
CMRN and Danni Play For Honor
CMRN and Danni Play Ghost Recon Wildlands – Part 1
CMRN and Danni Play Ghost Recon Wildlands – Part 2
Baldur’s Gate Co-Op Iron Man Challenge
CMRN and Danni Play Magicka 2
CMRN and Danni Play Resident Evil 5
CMRN and Danni Play Destiny
CMRN and Danni Play Battlefield 1 – The Best Pilots
CMRN and Danni Play Battlefield 1 – Like Batman
What is Watch Dogs 2?
Atlanta Grand Prix Adventure
Deck Box Review for Magic The Gathering
Amiibo Wave 7 Review
Pro Strats For Rocket League
The Witcher Does Something Special For A Troll
SMB 3 Lore – The Plumber’s Dream