Dr. Talos’s Play: Eschatology and Genesis

Dr Talos’ Play: Eschatology and Genesis is the chapter XXIV of The Claw of the Conciliator by Gene Wolfe, part of The Book of the New Sun.
Adapted for audio, directed, produced, and edited by Grant www.cohost.org/My-Name-is-Grant

The Giant Nod and A Statue were played by Ansel Burch www.indecisionist.com
Meschia The First Man, A Prophet, and The Generalissimo were played by Clint Worthington www.TheSpool.net
Meschiane The First Woman and The Maid were played by Nora Broz www.norabroz.com
Jahi and The Contessa were played by Alaina https://www.soundcloud.com/sex_archie
First Soldier, First Demon, and The Inquisitor were played by Jeff Stormer www.partyofonepodcast.com
Second Soldier, Second Demon, and The Familiar were played by Aaron Catano-Saez www.AaronCatano-Saez.com
Gabriel and The Autarch were played by Grant

Sound Design by Yuria Jensen, www.cohost.org/yuria
Music by Dearest, Of the Void… www.dearestofthevoid.bandcamp.com
Poster by Gryme www.linktr.ee/oddesque

This audio drama was commissioned by the Ranged Touch Network and Shelved by Genre.

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