Sword Coast: Coast 2 Coast

Sword Coast: Coast 2 Coast is an actual play podcast taking place in the Forgotten Realms using 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. It is a rules-light show that privileges roleplay over crunchy action. This is a world of hidden agendas, magical interventions, and powers beyond our knowledge, and the crew gets right in there to cut through the complexity with wit and claws and swords.

The show records in long single sessions, meaning that each adventure is completed in a single recording day, meaning that there’s always some kind of resolution in the short term. While there is an overarching plot, you can listen to the show in little chunks and have a great experience! It’s the best of both worlds!

Join Jordan (Weg), Mary (Tess), James (Kylie, Who Would Be God King), Michael (Silverleaf), and CMRN (the DM) on their adventures!

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Episode List

The Mayor’s Job
1 – Mayor Jimothy Ironbow
2 – Cabbatage
3 – Tenser’s Swamp Investigation Device
4 – The Hobgobboclause

The Disappearances At Easting
5 – Journey To Easting
6 – Farms and Fires
7 – Meteors and Trash
8 – Scary Tower

A Short Break
9 – The River and the Tower
10 – The Entourage and the Owlbear

Serpents of the Sea
11 – Midnight Riders
12 – Boat Expertise
13 – Coil Island
14 – Apple Power
15 – Silverleaf and Kylie Have A Chat

The Conjunction at Bogbrook
16 – Big Wizard Theory
17 – I Want To Believe (In Wizards)
18 – Tactical Manticore Hug
19 – Portal Logistics
20 – Location Decision

Spice City Caper
21 – Marsember Nights
22 – Kidnapping for a Good Cause
23 – A Caper Completed

The Manticore’s Secret
24 – The Manticave
25 – Manticave Interior
26 – Heart of the Trickster

Saga of the Allworm
27 – Hoback the Bald
28 – Tooth City
29 – Squashed
30 – Deadly Cube

Midwinter Special 2019
31 – Midwinter Special

The City and the Citadel
32 – Butter Biscuits
33 – Life is Pain
34 – Mission Biscpossible
35 – Daddy Problems

The Interplanar Species Protection Act
36 – Wasp Law